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Crystal Elixir Infused Gem Water Bottle – 15 oz (Rose Quartz)

$30.99 $39.99

Brand: Nova Crystals

Color: Rose Quartz


  • 🌱Bad Vibes Never Stood a Chance: Charge your favorite drink with the amazing power of healing crystals and tell energy vampires and bad juju to get lost. Choose from beautiful rose quartz and nurture your heart chakra or harness your inner chi with calming amethyst points to rock each day with a “can’t phase this” attitude! Plus, with a stunning bamboo finish, this show-stopper can’t help but turn heads!
  • 🌱Split Crystal Chamber For Easy Swapping: No pre-installed crystals or poorly designed chambers, here! YOU choose what crystals to use in the glass water bottle and can easily swap them out any time you’re in the mood for a change in energy. Just open the included bag of gemstones and crystals, unscrew the bottom bamboo cap, pour into the infusion chamber and re-tighten. No worrying about leaks or unsanitary drinking conditions from direct contact (ick)!
  • 🌱High-Quality Borosilicate Glass + Crystals: Other crystal water bottles use thin, poorly made glass, frequently causing their bottom chambers to shatter and break. To keep you safe and sipping strong, our travel water bottle is made with the highest grade materials like shatter-resistant borosilicate glass and all natural bamboo caps. Plus, unlike some vendors who pass off colored pieces of glass as “crystals,” we always use the real deal!
  • 🌱Neoprene Sleeve Locks in Temperature: Hate cold tea and watery iced mochas? The Nova Crystals neoprene water bottle sleeve keeps hot drinks toasty-warm and cold drinks extra frosty. It’s perfect for winter drinks like chocolatey hot cocoa and cooling down in the summer with refreshing ice water infused with cucumber and lemon wedges or your favorite fruit mix!
  • 🌱Gift Ready with Beautiful Packaging: Each bottle comes gift ready in stunning packaging. Each glass, Bamboo lids and neoprene sleeve are tested to the highest standards. They are all BPA approved making it the ultimate gift for yourself and your loved ones. Treat the wellness enthusiast in your life to all the positive healing effects of crystal infusion.

Details: Your Spiritual Sidekick for All-Day Good VibesEverything just seems to fall into place when you’ve got the mysterious power of crystal energy on your side. Whether you’re looking to have a deeper connection with yourself or your surroundings, want a more focused meditation session or need to get rid of some seriously draining energy vampires in your life, our crystal elixir water bottle is the spiritual sidekick you NEED! Nova creates superior crystal products for the cosmically inclined, all with the best materials and jaw-dropping designs. Our crystal-infused tea bottle is a true stunner with a crystal-clear viewing chamber to show off whatever gemstone you’ve chosen to imbue your favorite drink with (holds up to 15.2 ounces). And did we mention? It’s eco-friendly, BPA-free and contains NO irritating chemical smells! Know a friend or family member who’s super into metaphysical gifts? This spiritually souped up water infuser makes the perfect addition to any alternative medicine enthusiast’s collection. It’s already wrapped in elegant luxury packaging, so it’s ready to gift right out of the box! Q: “Can I use this for really hot drinks like coffee?”A: Yes! The gem infused water bottle is made with thick, heat-resistant glass so it handles hot drinks without ever batting an eye. We’ve also included a neoprene drink sleeve to protect your bottle and keep temperatures consistent for longer. What’s in the Box:1x Crystal water bottle (Rose Quartz)1x Neoprene bottle sleeve1x Bag of genuine rose quartz crystal

EAN: 0796029813409

Package Dimensions: 13.0 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches

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